Why “Test Engineering”?

I use “Test Engineering” as the tagline of my blog because is the term best reflects where my writing focus will be.

My goal is to contribute to Digital Transformation. I work on improving and evolving Software Testing processes and technologies. My effort is focused on putting Continuous Testing in place to deliver quality software at speed. This is what I would like to share with you here.

As a Senior Platform Engineer – Testing at adidas, my target is to build the best possible Testing Platform for our teams. That means providing support, consultancy, training, tooling and infrastructure.

So my job is not to test a product or system, but to facilitate others to test. And to do this, I need to:

  • know in deep all the challenges our teams are facing and will face
  • know the systems and technologies under test
  • know the state of the art of the testing processes and technologies identify solutions and improvements and put them in place
  • collaborate!!! 🙂

Collaboration is key. Always. But in my case, essential. Test Engineering is a central piece of Software Engineering. It is in the middle of Business, Customers, Project Management, Enterprise and Domain Architecture, Security, Data Management, Infrastructure, Development, Operations and Monitoring. I need them all to do my job. And my job can add value to them all. Quality Assurance is a shared mandate for us all.

I read about this concept from Google Testing Blog some years ago. Allen Hutchison, currently Senior Director of Engineering at Google, and Jay Han, explained in their article The difference between QA, QC, and Test Engineering how they used this concept.

In their own words:

“Here at Google, we tend to take a third approach that we call Test Engineering. We look at this as a bridge between the meta world of QA and the concrete world of QC. Our approach allows us to ensure that we get the opportunity to think about customers and their needs, while we still provide results that are needed on day to day engineering projects.”