Training Resources

Here you have a list of my favourite and recommended learning platforms and resources. Hope you find them useful.


World-class learning for anyone, anywhere
Learn from leading universities and companies with everything from courses to degrees – 100% online

Increase access to high-quality education for everyone, everywhere
Enhance teaching and learning on campus and online
Advance teaching and learning through research

For every student,
every classroom.
Real results.
We’re a nonprofit with the mission to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

The leading global marketplace for learning and instruction
By connecting students all over the world to the best instructors, Udemy is helping individuals reach their goals and pursue their dreams.

Software Engineering

First, we invented the best system for learning to code.
Seven years and 45 million learners later, we’ve perfected it.

#1 Learn-by-Doing Cloud Training Platform
Real skills for real-world application. Experience interactive courses in AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure and master the tools that shape technology.

Introducing a new approach to learning

The skills required to advance your career and earn your spot at the top do not come easily. Now there’s a more rewarding approach to hands-on learning that helps you achieve your goals faster. Earn points, levels, and achieve more!

Software Testing

ExecuteAutomation Channel brings you all the automation testing related videos for FREE. The intention of this channel is to provide training on BDD,Selenium, Appium, Specflow, Automation Framework Design and Development, Test Complete, QTP, VS Coded UI, Xamarin, Protractor course etc.

Become a test automation superstar – Free!

Joe Colantonio: Automation, Performance, and Security Testing Made Awesome – I’ll show YOU how.
Modern software testing, like all development efforts, is difficult. Most projects don’t succeed. You can do better!

The best online resource for software testing and quality
The Dojo is a treasure trove of over 500 awesome resources that are tailored for those interested in software testing and quality. All of the content on The Dojo is created in collaboration with software testing experts from around the world!

Methodologies and Certifications

  • BBST – Black Box Software Testing

The Black-Box Software Testing series is the most extensive and scientifically based software testing courses. The depth and relevance of the learning experience, coupled with the individual feedback each student receives, offers an unequaled level of progress.

  • ISTQB – International Software Testing Qualifizations Board

ISTQB® has created the world’s most successful scheme for certifying software testers.
As of December 2018, ISTQB® has administered over 875,000 exams and issued more than 641,000 certifications in over 120 countries world-wide.
The scheme relies on a Body of Knowledge (Syllabi and Glossary) and exam rules that are applied consistently all over the world, with exams and supporting material being available in many languages.

  • RST – Rapid Software Testing

Rapid Software Testing fosters what you must have to test well: a love of testing. By this, we don’t mean the love of paperwork and button-pushing. Instead, we’re talking about learning, analyzing, finding trouble, and helping people. That’s the heart of testing. That’s what Rapid Software Testing (RST) focuses on.