What MDE is

In short, adidas MDE (Manager Development Experience), is a training program. A bit longer: it’s a training program for adidas managers to become better, to develop ourselves and to learn how to develop others. In reality, as its name announces, the program is a complete LEARNING EXPERIENCE.

Why I am writing about MDE

The last stage in the program aims to help us to synthesize our learning. One of the options we are given is to write a blog to share our experience, our work during the program and our learnings. As you may guess, blogging about it is my choice. 🙂

How all this started

MDE is an internal training program highly valued. There are a couple of rounds each year and limited places. To get in, first, you have to request it. Then, your line manager has to approve it and support you. And finally, at Zaragoza office, all line managers together decide the final list of people who will participate in the program.

On April 4th, 2019, I received an email from the MDE team, confirming that I was in. I felt really happy, lucky and grateful.

Now, 6 months later I feel happier, luckier and more grateful.

MDE structure

Summarising, MDE is a 6 months training program structured in 3 main experiences:

  • Mindset – Learn how you learn to grow
  • Practice – Try new Things. Change the way you work.
  • Performance – Reflect. Role model. Showcase.

These experiences involve training sessions, live events, self-paced activities, individual and team challenges… I won’t lie to you. It requires a lot of time, focus and dedication. But, now I’m getting close to the end, I would recommend it to any of my colleagues.

I have enjoyed. I have learnt. I have taught. I have improved. I’ve been supported and I have supported others. I have failed and I have succeded. For me, it has been enlightening.

What is next

During the following weeks, I will do my best to explain, in a series of posts, what I have been through, what I have experienced and what I have learned.
Hope some of my insights also are useful for you.

If you are interested, keep reading about my MDE experience.