Why do I write this blog?

I blog because I want to learn and help.

Teaching is one of the most effective ways of learning. Blogging is not exactly teaching, but you have to go through the same mental processes. When writing, you have to prepare the subject. You have to organize your knowledge and thinking. So you end up learning more, improving your understanding and identifying gaps.

Sharing what we have learnt, our findings, experiences and opinions help others. I have learnt tons, and still learning every day, from other people posts. I’m grateful to them. Sometimes I’m enlightened. Sometimes I’m reinforced and empowered on my own opinions. Sometimes I disagree. Sometimes I changed my mind. But I learn, always. Even when I don’t agree, it makes me think why.

So, I want to share because it can be useful for some of you. Even if I’m wrong or you disagree. And if that is the case, please use the comments and tell me why. I, and future readers, will learn from it.

Much appreciated!

 Even when it means admitting my sister is more intelligent than me :-D, you should read Annie Murphy Paul's post at ideas.time.com: The Protégé Effect - Why teaching someone else is the best way to learn